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Help - Quick Search

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How does the Quick search work?

The Quick search allows you to quickly search all of the content in SSBE.

The Quick search feature allows you to type in a word or phrase, and will search for all records that include those words. The search will respond by returning a list of results that relate to your search terms.

To conduct a search, type your search terms (individual words or phrases) into the search box. When you have finished entering your search criteria, click Go!. Any records containing the words you typed will be displayed on the Search Results page.

You can combine search terms using Boolean and proximity searching, search for variations on search terms using truncation, and specify exact matching. Please see the Search Tips help page for more information.

Note: In the search box, all terms are treated by default as if they were combined using the Boolean operator AND. Certain common words and symbols such as a, an, he, if etc. are excluded from searches; searches on words such as these are likely to take a long time and produce a large number of possibly irrelevant matches.

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How can I get a more precise search result?

For precise search results, try adding more keywords, or use the Search page or one of the individual database search pages..

How do I search by year?

Enter a 4-digit year into the Quick Search along with any words or phrases, and click Go!

How do I start a new search?

From any page:

  • Type new search terms in the Quick Search box.

From the Search Results page:

  • Click the Search link in the main navigation.

Regardless of whether you performed a Quick or more specific Search, refining a search will take you to the main Search page. Your original search terms will be displayed.

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